PulseOn - the Wearable Heart Rate Monitor that Goes Beyond Tracking

A spin-off from Nokia, PulseOn has developed a new heart monitor. Unlike traditional designs, the wrist-wearable device does not require a separate chest strap. And the PulseOn has been demonstrated to be as accurate as a standard ECG machine.

One key to its accuracy is that it uses a combination of mechanical and optical systems to measure heartbeats. For example, it relies on multi-wavelength lights sources and sensors that can read the blood flow beneath your skin. It is designed with low-power circuitry developed in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM). The result is a device that can go for 10 hours between charges, or five days when sitting idle.

It communicates wirelessly with iOS and Android smartphones, and has its own internal storage that can record up to two weeks of activity. An OLED display provides a readout on a low-resolution 96 by 39 pixel panel. And the whole thing weighs just over one ounce.

PulseOn is launching the product with an Indiegogo project, and it is taking pre-orders for the $199 device for $169. The PulseOn is scheduled to ship in September 2014.