Ultimately, all wearable technology is personal; it is designed to improve the lives of individuals. This is especially true for WellTech devices. We tend to think about products that help us improve what we already have: lose weight, improve our stamina or strength, or monitor a chronic health condition. But some health and fitness devices can help individuals replace what has been lost or maybe never even had, such as missing limbs or losing the ability to hear.

As part of Intel’s Make It Wearable Challenge, chef Eduardo Garcia recorded this moving and inspiring video interview about how he has adapted since losing his forearm. He talks about different kinds of wearable technology, from relatively simple mechanical devices to more complex solutions that can simulate normal hand movements.

It’s good to be reminded from time to time that this marvelous technology has applications beyond just helping some of us lose an extra couple of pounds. That perspective can help us recognize that even weight loss can be a life-changing event as well.