Here’s the cheery thought for the day; we’re all dying. Or as Jim Morrison of the Doors put it, “Nobody gets out of here alive.” It’s simply a question of “when;” the Bible says “no one knows when their hour will come.” And this raises one of those popular “what if” topics: “What if you knew when you would die?”

The makers of the Tikker watch don’t really know when you’re going to die, but they want you to think about it. Their LCD watch is available for the pre-order price of US$59 until July (down from the regular price of US$79), and it doesn’t just tell you the time. It counts down the rest of your life, down to the second. The company raised funding through a Kickstarter project, in which they received pledges for nearly four times greater than their goal from more than 2,000 backers.

The watch will come with a questionnaire that you complete, and it will tell you what time to set on your Tikker. Note that this device doesn’t measure anything but time. It’s an LCD watch with a more complicated readout, and does not monitor your health or fitness factors. The makers’ intent is that by being reminded that time is fleeting, you will make the most of it and being happier as a result. The first shipments are expected at the end of July 2014, according to the company website.