Cue on Night Stand - Flu

Are you sneezing? Have some joint pain? Wondering if you should see a doctor? A new product called Cue may help give you the information that you’ll need in order to make an informed decision. The Cue is a little box that accepts cartridges, which in turn take small “Sample Wand.” Both the cartridges and wands are single-use disposable devices. The company initially will offer five different types of cartridges, each of which measures different key health metrics: inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza, and testosterone.

Each test takes just minutes, and the results are reported to a tracking app on your smartphone using a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection. Initially, the device will be supported by iOS and Android apps. The apps will track your results over time, which can help you and your health care provider understand your condition. The app will also make recommendations for your diet based on the results of your tests. The company is also working on partnerships so that other health and fitness products can contribute data that you can use to track your health.

The company is taking pre-orders now at $149 for shipping in the spring of 2015. After the first 1,000 units are reserved, the price will rise to $199. The price includes one pack of cartridges and wands. The inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, and testosterone kits will cost $20 for a pack of five cartridges and wands. The flu pack includes three cartridges and wands for $30. The Cue works by taking a small sample of fluid (blood or saliva, depending on the test) which is then processed by a tiny “lab on a chip” microfluidic device. The results are then transmitted to your smartphone.

The company points out that the Cue has not yet received FDA approval, but early adopters will get their orders even if the FDA has not granted its blessing yet. The company reports that they have established a usability study that customers can be a part of even without the final FDA approval.