Wearable Health Tech for young children typically focuses on monitoring vital signs of sick kids. Another use case is a wearable that tracks health records in remote areas in the world where healthcare is intermittent and parents may not understand or value regular checkups.

San Francisco-based Good Parents, Inc., is introducing Kiddo. Kiddo is a health and wellness tracker intended to give parents insights into their child’s wellbeing. Kiddo is a wristband for kids 3 to 10 years old. The wristband pairs with an associated smartphone app. An accelerometer and oximeter in the wristband measure skin temperature, heart rate, sleep, activity, and perspiration levels. Once base rates are determined, parents receive push notifications if the Kiddo algorithm detects changes. The whole point, according to the company, is to give parents informed insights into their children’s health and wellbeing. The app also suggests actions parents can take for various health measures and parents and kids can set goals with rewards. The wristband includes games, music creation apps, and gesture detection to create light shows with the Kiddo’s LEDs.

Good Parents, Inc. has launched Kiddo with a Kickstarter campaign. Deliveries are scheduled to start in December 2017.