High blood pressure is tragically common in the U.S., where 75 million or 1 of every 3 adults has the condition according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People with high blood pressure — or hypertension — are at greater risk of heart disease or stroke. We’ve written about several device form factors for measuring high blood pressure, although the upper arm cuff style remains the preferred form for medical professionals. Visiomed’s BeWellConnect line, for example, includes both wrist and upper arm My Tensio devices for measuring blood pressure.  BeWell Connect’s upper arm My Tensio version doesn’t display results directly but transmits them to the smartphone app.

Omron Healthcare has long been a big name in blood pressure monitors, marketing several versions of its wrist and upper arm devices. Omron’s Evolv wireless blood pressure monitor works with the company’s new Omron Connect US app. Evolv is a one-piece, upper arm device with no tubes or wires. It displays current and stored blood pressure readings directly on the cuff and sends the data to the Connect US app. From the app users can share the data with family members and with their medical professionals.  Evolve has received FDA clearance and has been clinically validated for accuracy.

Omron’s Connect US application can also track body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, and weight. Health tech devices from Omron and other major companies will continue to evolve for greater accuracy, convenience, and data tracking consolidation and transmission.  That’s a win for everyone.