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In the high visibility and steadily growing diabetes management market, most of the focus is on hardware solutions. From continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) like PKVitality to continuous insulin pumps such as Debiotech‘s and all the way to closed-loop artificial pancreas systems like the Medtronic iPro2, hardware is sexy. Companies include apps for patient guidance and for care team monitoring, but the hardware gets the headlines, not the app.

The mySugr smart diabetes companion proves the exception to software always taking a back seat. The company’s free apps include educational materials, quizzes, and fun facts as well as tracking and analyzing blood glucose readings. The readings can be input manually or imported directly from Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, Roche’s Accu-Check, or Medtronic CGM. All three of these big name companies have partnered with mySugr for food and glucose level logging and for mySugar Coaching, which is included free with mySugr Pro . The Pro version, registered with the FDA as a Class 1 device, costs $2.99 a month and has additional reporting, reminders, basal and bolus calculation, device support, and multi-device syncing.

Health Tech is moving fast in all areas. As established brand names emerge, partnering with known entities for other components lets companies focus on what they do best, which theoretically will speed the overall rate of advance.