One of the wonderful aspects of CES is that you inevitably stumble upon a great product that you’ve never heard about before. Such was the case for me with a company that could help people around the world see better. Even if you have great eyesight, your vision will likely change with time and you eventually will need corrective lenses to help you see. And if you already have prescription lenses, chances are good that your vision will continue to change and you’ll need a new prescription eventually. This is one reason why everyone should have a thorough eye exam at least every other year.

However, a company wants to make it faster and easier for you to check your vision, and to order new glasses if your old ones aren’t doing the job. EyeQue is a company that has developed a low-cost optical scope that attaches to the screen of a smartphone. Based on refraction technology developed at MIT, this device lets an individual self-administer a refractive measurement test using the companion app. The data is sent to a Cloud service where it is processed in real-time using patented algorithms. The system then generates a set of “EyeGlass Numbers” that can be used to order prescription glasses if needed. The data is also stored so that the user can track changes over time, and share the results with vision professionals.

Perhaps the most astonishing detail is the price: under $30. Currently available only in the U.S. and Canada, the device has been registered as a Class 1 Device with the FDA. Note that it cannot provide measurements required for contact lenses, nor will some people be able to use it due to certain vision problems such as amblyopia. And you should still get a thorough vision exam at least every two years because EyeQue cannot detect glaucoma or other conditions. On the other hand, this device could help improve the vision of millions of people around the world who do not ready access to vision health professionals.