A new survey by the American Medical Association (AMA) reveals that physicians are enthusiastic about new digital health technology. The report reveals that 85 percent of those surveyed believe that digital health solutions “are advantageous to patient care.”

Even more encouraging is that there is pent-up demand for new technologies, far exceeding current adoption rates. While slightly more than one in ten report using remote monitoring for efficiency and for improved care, nearly half of those surveyed are enthusiastic about these solutions. While about a quarter are already using technology for patient engagement, nearly twice as many are interested in using it in their practices. Key motivators to adopt new technology are improvements in work efficiency and increased patient safety.

The report also highlights concerns that doctors have about the new technology. Not surprisingly, malpractice insurance overage leads the list, with data privacy, integration with current electronic health record (EHR) systems, and reimbursement for time spent using it following. You can download the report by clicking here.

Clearly, we’re still in the expansive stage of digital health solutions, but it’s encouraging to see that healthcare professionals recognize the potential benefits and are willing to try new approaches if it can save them time and money, and result in better outcomes for their patients.