The wearables market is not only expanding like the Big Bang, but it also is rapidly maturing. One sign of this is the growing interest by manufacturers to apply their technology to new applications. After pursuing the low-hanging-fruit of the fitness market, some companies are turning to Health Tech as the next step in their growth strategy.

A prime example of this trend is Sensoria, a company known for using its flexible textile electronics to create socks with sensors. Initially, these socks have been marketed to runners to help them track their runs and to monitor how their feet contact the ground. The company has announced a new app called Sensoria Walk that makes the socks useful in wider situations. Designed to help healthcare professionals work with patients who mobility issues. This includes patients who are recovering from injury, chronic conditions, or stroke, as well as elderly patients who might be at risk for falling. The sensors in the socks allow professionals and caregivers to monitor cadence, motion, gait, and other factors that can be used to analyze a patient’s condition and guide treatment.

The app will be available in the Apple Store early this year. This is an important sign that wearables are ready to start addressing some important health issues such as injury recovery and chronic disease.