Prima-temp Priya

Wearables have made inroads in various aspects of healthcare. Prima-Temp will soon pilot its wearable fertility monitor, Priya (formerly called the BLOOM), which was chosen from among many companies who would run a pilot program with top healthcare institutions. Bidders for the trial include Kaiser Permanente, Denver Health, Aetna Health, and University of Colorado Health.

Priya is self-inserted sensor, which provides a discreet, precise, effortless method for women to pinpoint their fertility without using the traditional methods of tracking basal body temperature. The wireless sensor tracks woman’s core body temperature continuously and tracks changes that occur before ovulation. It sends alert to the Priya app located on a smart device when it detects most fertile time. Priya ring is worn for a month at a time. In US alone, there are numerous women facing fertility issues and they take aid of various tools to keep track of their fertility. Priya will provide them with a way to track the core temperature real-time without going through daily monitoring and charting. The device is likely to be offered to a limited number of women. Prima-Tech has launched a Indiegogo campaign starting October 1st.

Charting of core or basal body temperature is considered to be a good indicator of ovulation. When ovulation occurs, the body temperature increases slightly (by about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.3 degrees Celsius). Charting and monitoring this is likely to help with conception but this is not a sure shot method as it provides the information after ovulation has occurred AND requires regular/daily monitoring of temperature. Success of Priya can only be judged once the pilot programs run and success rate or conception rate is determined.