HealthPatch MD

The HealthPatch is a wearable sensor designed to monitor a patients vital signs and track other information, such as physical activity, posture, and even fall detection. Made by Vital Connect, the wireless device has received FDA approval and has the potential to improve patient care and treatment.

The company recently announced an advancement for the device. Their engineers have developed the VitalCore processor. This system-on-a-chip offers a number of important advantages over the previous circuitry. It is smaller, and it requires significantly less power than the prior design. As a result, the sensor battery will last much longer. And it is custom built for wireless sensor applications, which will provide “broader and deeper continuous biometric measurements,” according to a company press release. The new processor will be submitted to the FDA approval, with the goal of incorporating it in future Vital Connect sensor products.

According to a report by Soreon Research cited in the press release, wearable Health Tech sensors will help save 1.3 million lives by 2020. This includes 700,000 lives saved as a result of better vital sign monitoring in hospitals, 230,000 lives saved through remote monitoring of cardiac patients, and 150,000 lives by preventing obesity-related deaths.