Hocoma robotic arm

After neurological damage cause by stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or disease, patients often have learn how to control their bodies all over again. Swiss-based Hocoma is a world leader in robotic equipment designed to help with the physical therapy required to help these patients recover.

Next week at the International Stroke Conference 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee, the company plans to unveil their ArmeoPower robotic arm that has been integrated with their ManovoPower hand module. This combination allows early stage patients to start practicing basic motions such as reaching and grasping, with robotic support all the way from the shoulder to the fingers. Studies have shown that just practicing the motions can speed recovery, even if the patient is not yet able to actively move their limb on their own.

This may not be a mobile device, but it clearly is a wearable Health Tech product. We have already seen mobile exoskeletons that move a paralyzed patient’s legs so that they can walk, so it may not be long until we see power assisted arms as well.