Hexoskin for kids

Now kids can get the same beneifits of biometric tracking that professional athletes can. Hexoskin has announced their first “smart shirt” for kids and teens.1

We’ve covered Hexoskin in the past here at Health Tech Insider. The company’s shirts measure heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, and activity (including steps, cadence, and calories), as well as monitoring the effectiveness of your sleep. It does this in real time without the need for straps or wristbands; the sensors are woven into the fabric of the shirt. These connect to a clip-on controller that uses Bluetooth to send the data to a smartphone or tablet; both iOS and Android devices are supported.

The Hexoskin products are an excellent example of what I mean when I talk about wearable Health Tech devices “disappearing” into our lives. Integrated into  clothing, the system does not intrude into your activity, but rather disappears into the background of the experience. As prices fall and sensors-in-fabric become more commonplace, this approach could have a huge impact on the lives of everyone, and not just athletes.