Gagla smart shoe

Sure, that fitness band of yours can tell you (approximately) how many steps you’ve taken, but can it do anything about your cold feet? I didn’t think so.

Glagla is a French company that has created the Digitsole, a smart shoe insert that does more than track your exercise. It can keep count of your steps, and relay the information to an app running on your iOS or Android smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. It can tell you the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burned, and since it gets your step data right at the source, it should be a lot more accurate than a wristband device.

But the developers did not stop there. They put heating elements in the Digitsole, so you can signal them to heat up your feet if your toes get chilly. You can even set the temperature to different levels for each foot. The device uses a thermostat to regulate the heat, so it will make efficient use of the battery. The company estimates that you’ll get six to nine hours of use from the battery when using the heating function, and a week or more if you just use it to track your steps. When the batteries run low, you can recharge them using a standard USB power source.

At the ShowStoppers event at CES 2015, the company was also showing off a prototype for a complete show. In addition to step tracking, the shoes have multiple heating zones so that you can get the heat precisely where you need it. You may not be burning up the track with your speed, but at least your feet will stay warm while you exercise!