H2 blood pressure

Have you ever tried to take your own blood pressure? It’s not easy to wrap a standard cuff around your arm. And even the small cuffs for the wrist are bulky and not that easy to carry around with you. CharmCare has created the H2, a smartband that you can wear all the time and then take your blood pressure whenever you like. You do have to hold it against your wrist when it’s taking a reading, but it then stores the results and can relay them to your smartphone. You can also see the results on the simple LED matrix display.

The device has been tested and found to be accurate within the FDA’s requirements. It also can provide reminders to measure your blood pressure and to take your medication. The device also tracks your physical activity.

The project has a way to go before it becomes a real product. It is in the final week of its Indiegogo funding campaign, and they are less than $2,000 from their $50,000 goal at the time this is written. The company hopes to be in production by mid-2015, with the final product retailing for $179. If they are successful, it could be that their technology eventually would be an attractive target for a larger smartwatch company looking to add competitive features to their devices.