5 Key Health Tech Trends from CES 2019

An industry insider shares insights in this exclusive executive briefing.

Understand 5 Key Trends from CES 2019:

  • Why the future of digital health success lies in software, not hardware
  • How alternatives to chemical treatments are flourishing
  • Ways that telehealth is driving health tech advances and growth
  • Why wearables continue to move to B2B markets
  • How aging-in-place technology is coming of age (and just in time!)

What's included in your exclusive briefing:

  • Audio recording of live briefing session (42 minutes; edited to remove extraneous content)
  • Written transcript of the briefing session (14 pages)
  • Complete slide deck (28 slides)
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This program is presented by:  

Alfred Poor, PhD Editor of Health Tech Insider  

Alfred is a technology writer and speaker with a worldwide reputation. As the founding Editor of Health Tech Insider, he has a backstage pass to new developments in wearables and mobile devices for health and medical applications. He visits with executives from more than 100 companies every year at CES, from the largest multinational corporations to small startups and university laboratory projects. Even if you spend the whole week at CES, you can't see everything. This is an exclusive opportunity to share in the insights and knowledge he has gained at CES 2019.