Tinnitus is often referred to as a ringing in the ears, however, it can also sound like buzzing, crackling, hissing, or humming. It affects as many as 20% of the US population. For many patients, it can be a problem that ranges from an annoying distraction to a debilitating chronic condition. A multitude of medical disorders can cause it. While there is currently no conventional treatment for tinnitus that will eliminate it, many novel technologies are being invented to help with the condition.

ForgTin is an acupressure device that applies gentle pressure at several spots around the ear, alleviating the disturbing sounds. It may be worn on one or both ears and is adjustable to the specific shape and size of the ear. According to the research conducted by the medical university Regensburg, patients with tinnitus wore the ForgTin device. After six weeks, 39% of ForgTin users had a significant reduction in the intensity of tinnitus, and 41% reported less jaw tension. Following 12 weeks, over two-thirds of all device users reported a significant reduction in tinnitus. During the same period, 21% of ForgTin patients saw a total decrease in tinnitus intensity to almost zero. Other tinnitus symptoms were alleviated in around 40% of participants. 

ForgTin is a hook composed of stainless steel and soft-touch silicone that is readily affixed behind the ear. When worn continuously throughout the day, the device reportedly decreases irritating ear sounds to near quiet. This helps decrease tinnitus-related anxiety and reduce related stress.