COVID-19 dominates worldwide news while healthcare professionals attempt to learn more about the virus and make accurate determinations of its progress, status, and potential timelines. We’ve written a great deal already about COVID-19 including the role of telehealth with the disease, home testing for the virus, and more.

Product and medical groups from Babyscripts and George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (GW-MFA) joined forces to support pregnant women during this virus crisis. The team created a virtual care solution in the form of a mobile app for pregnant and postpartum patients with real-time updates of COVID-19 information. The Babyscripts app presents information about the virus and ways to help prevent its spread.

In light of the many scams popping up related to COVID-19 and barrages of well-meaning but untested suggestions and advice about the disease, Babyscripts is particularly valuable as a means to present timely, reliable information from a trusted medical source.

GW-MFA and Babyscript found that pregnant patients engaged with the COVID-19 virtual care and educational material at a 98% engagement rate, according to a Babyscript press release. That extremely high level of participation demonstrated the value mothers placed on the updated information.

Jumping up a level, the Babyscript app success underscores the significance of new tech development for targeted user bases. In this case, the developers created the product not because it was possible, but because the need is dire.