Motion detecting sensors have a wide range of potential applications, but home monitoring may be one of the most appealing. From security to tracking the activities of seniors living independently, a low-cost, non-intrusive system could have a huge impact on the quality of life for many people. Cameras are not popular, as many people feel “spied on” by such systems. Other approaches require individuals to wear a smart band or other tracking device, which is inconvenient at best.

This is why we’ve been tracking Vayyar since CES 2017. The company has developed solid state radio frequency (RF) technology that can be used to track movements and more. Like radar, it uses reflected radio waves to identify and track objects. This technology is incorporated into a single chip that contains both transmitters and receivers, and supporting algorithms interpret the data to turn it into useful information. The system can tell if a subject is standing, sitting, or lying down, and can even measure a subject’s breathing rate. It can also track more than one person at a time.

Vayyar recently announced their newest chip that contains 72 transmitters and 72 corresponding receivers, along with internal memory and a digital signal processor (DSP). It uses a range of frequencies from 3 GHz to 81 GHz, and can create a 3D map of a space while tracking moving objects. It does not require light, and can “see” through smoke and other low-visibility conditions. In addition to home monitoring, the technology is already in use in construction and automotive applications, and has been used for cancer detection.