Nokia has joined the biometric monitoring platform club. The Finish technology and communications giant recently dropped the Withings brand name from its line of wearable health tech devices. Now Nokia is moving forward to develop and market biometric monitoring devices and its central software platform Health Mate. The platform collects data from Nokia devices and helps users reach their health, fitness, and wellness goals. Health Mate isn’t the only health tech platform available. We’ve written about Visiomed’s Bewell Connect and Philips’ Personal Health Programs.

Nokia’s new digital health products and re-branded Withings devices are widely available at retail stores and websites and the company’s own online store. New products include the Nokia BPM+ blood pressure monitor and Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale. The company’s intention is to build “the most comprehensive line of connected consumer health products in the market.” Nokia redesigned its Health Mate program to give users insights and trend data based on their own weight, activity, sleep, and blood pressure. The app is available at no cost for iOS and Android mobile devices. Health Mate’s key features include enhanced navigation, tools to visualize progress, and new goal-focused, medically endorsed, multi-week wellness programs. The programs include Sleep Smarter, Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart, Leaderboard, and Better Body (available for pre-order). According to Nokia, the wellness programs are designed to help users improve sleep, manage weight and fat mass, control blood pressure, manage weight gain during pregnancy, and become more active.

As consumer digital health devices mature and proliferate, comprehensive platforms make sense from the consumer side with the potential to integrate various biometric data types. Biometric monitoring programs that integrate data from multiple devices appeal to manufacturers as a means to remarket new devices to existing customers. At some point in the future, there are bound to be comprehensive biometric-based health and wellness programs that work with data from products manufactured by a wide range of companies or that use yet-to-be-developed data reporting standards. Single-vendor multiple device monitoring platforms represent an important first step in integrating biometric data.