Most of the Health Tech we write about, especially the wearable devices, use biometric sensors to measure, track, and report individual metrics. Some devices monitor one measure, such as blood glucose, body temperature, or heart rate. Other units use multiple sensors to keep track of a variety of biometrics. In most cases, however, the health or condition measured is internal to the individual.

Netatmo takes a different approach with its Healthy Home Coach. Billed as a smart indoor climate monitor, the Healthy Home Coach monitors four conditions in the home: temperature, humidity, air quality, and noise level. A single or multiple Healthy Home Coaches can be monitored using an iOS or Android smartphone app, so you could have multiple units in a home. Within the smartphone app you can set alert parameters for each of the four measures the device monitors. According to the Netatmo website, the Healthy Home Coach connects with the Apple HomeKit so it has the potential to control of a growing array of smart home devices, such as smart thermometers and humidifiers.

The temperature sensor reads from 32 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit, accurate to about a half degree. Humidity is measured from zero to 100 percent, within 3 percent accuracy according to Netatmo. The sonometer in the device reads from 35 to 120 decibels — you wouldn’t need the alert at higher levels, but if you were monitoring noise levels in a sleeping baby’s room, for example, setting narrow alert parameters could be reassuring. The Healthy Home Coach measures air quality by monitoring carbon dioxide levels from zero to 5000 parts per million, accurate to within 5 percent.

Netatmo suggests monitoring humidity can help prevent itchy skin from dry air and also keep a lid on allergies and asthma by preventing humidity levels from getting too high. Because the Healthy Home Coach app keeps records of all four measurements, you can track your home’s vital signs over time to learn how to best keep it and your family healthy and comfortable. The Healthy Home Coach has no subscription fee — once you purchase it (at $99 each) you connect it via WiFi with Internet access and you’re good to go.